[swift-evolution] Prohibit invisible characters in identifier names

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The problem with depending on the IDE is that not everyone is using
Xcode…or even a modern IDE. There are those that are using basic text
editors, which must be considered as well.

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> >> BTW how far along with programming do you think you'd get without the
> knowledge of English? All libraries, SDKs use English identifiers. The
> documentation is in English. For one to lear programming without actually
> knowing any English would require the language to have localizable
> identifiers. Can you imagine those? Given how much time is put here to
> standardize the naming of a few methods in the standard library, how would
> it look in other languages?
> >
> > Speaking of which, hypothetically, if we wanted to support translations
> of Swift itself (and the standard library), would it be better to have the
> compiler figure out how to make object files work across languages, or
> would it be better for the on-disk file to always be in the "canonical"
> language and have the IDE do the translation?
> Historically, these languages were 100% translated and required localized
> compiler support (we're talking about BASIC, Pascal) since back then IDE
> support was quite poor. Nowadays, on-the-fly translation by the IDE would
> probably work out the best.
> > I'm *not* proposing we do this... Just thinking about what would need to
> be done and how hard it would be.
> >
> > - Dave Sweeris
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