[swift-evolution] Arrays Returning Optionals instead of Index Out of Bounds

Andreas Ley andreas at ley.info
Thu Jun 23 07:48:11 CDT 2016

> Please find the related proposal which was formed after the long discussion in the list:
> https://github.com/luish/swift-evolution/blob/proposal-lenient-collection-subscripts/proposals/nnnn-more-lenient-collections-subscripts.md <https://github.com/luish/swift-evolution/blob/proposal-lenient-collection-subscripts/proposals/nnnn-more-lenient-collections-subscripts.md>

Thanks; I have seen this and other proposals, but none of them address the problem that most people don’t expect a crash when using subscripting – except for Erica’s excellent suggestion to make subscript throw, which would also require considerable changes to existing code.

- Andreas
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