[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0105: Removing Where Clauses from For-In Loops

Charlie Monroe charlie at charliemonroe.net
Wed Jun 22 23:27:53 CDT 2016

> 	* What is your evaluation of the proposal?

-1. As I was all along during the discussion here, I find the ability to automatically filter the sequence using where as useful and a nice language feature. I do not find the syntax confusing, on the other hand the alternatively suggested replacement with "if" is confusing to me.

IMHO the frequency of use is not a very good point since as I've mentioned during the discussion, the fact that it's not very used in popular Swift repositories may be partially given that this feature isn't documented well - the Swift Programming Language book on Swift.org doesn't mention this and neither does any material on developer.apple.com.

It was pointed out that neither does the stdlib use it frequently, but that's quite a specific piece of work, not reflecting the common use cases.

> 	* Is the problem being addressed significant enough to warrant a change to Swift?


> 	* Does this proposal fit well with the feel and direction of Swift?
> 	* If you have used other languages or libraries with a similar feature, how do you feel that this proposal compares to those?
> 	* How much effort did you put into your review? A glance, a quick reading, or an in-depth study?

Read + discussion.

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