[swift-evolution] Swift 3 vs "additive" proposals

Matthew Johnson matthew at anandabits.com
Wed Jun 22 10:17:18 CDT 2016

> Rationalizing base conversion protocol names. I personally don't have the heart to try to re-address the "LiteralConvertible" protocol naming thing again but this would be the last chance to do anything about getting this issue addressed.
Given the vast amount of bike shedding that has already happened around this topic, I don’t think there is a solution that everyone will be happy with.  It is also unclear (to me at least) what solution might be acceptable to the core team.  

At the same time, it continues to bother me that `Convertible` is used by standard library protocols with two completely different meanings.  This is a problem that deserves to be solved and as it involves a breaking change Swift 3 is the right timeframe in which to do so.

If the core team is able to indicate an approach they favor I would be willing to revise and resubmit the proposal.  But I don’t want to spend any further time speculating about what solution might be considered acceptable.


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