[swift-evolution] [Pitch] Detecting and working with Optionals from Any

Charlie Monroe charlie at charliemonroe.net
Tue Jun 21 01:00:27 CDT 2016

I've recently written a CoreData editor on iOS which automatically generates UI based on the model which is described using classes such as PrimitiveProperty, etc. Since it automatically sets the value on the entity, it needs to convert the value to AnyObject in order to pass it to setValue(_:forKey:), so it needs to be able to detect whether the value is Optional and in case it is, either transform the non-nil value to AnyObject (String -> NSString, Array -> NSArray, ...). Which is currently really hard to achieve: 

var obj: IndexPath? = IndexPath()
let anyValue: Any = obj
anyValue.dynamicType /// Optional<Foundation.IndexPath>.Type

/// Using only anyValue, determine if it's Optional and retrieve its value if 
/// non-nil as AnyObject.
func isOptional(anyValue: Any) -> Bool {
    // Error: Cannot downcast from 'Any' (aka 'protocol<>') to a more 
    // optional type 'Optional<_>'
    return anyValue is Optional
    return anyValue as? Optional != nil

Unless there are major reasons why it's not exposed, I'd propose introducing a new function isOptional(anyValue: Any) -> Bool, which would simply call Builtin.isOptional just like _isOptional does in Builtin.swift. (which pretty much is just taking the current _isOptional, removing underscore and marking it public).

However, this still doesn't help with the issue of retrieving the value of the Optional. You now know the value in `anyValue` is Optional, but there is no good way to cast it to e.g. Optional<AnyObject>. Here we're getting into a vicious cycle that Any can be an Optional which is Any.

My second part of the proposal introduces another function:

func asOptional<T>(anyValue: Any) -> Optional<T>?

Which will:
- return nil if !isOptional(anyValue)
- return a non-nil value only if `anyValue` contains in fact an Optional of type T.


if let anyObjOptional: AnyObject? = asOptional(anyValue: anyValue) {
    if let anyObj = anyObjOptional {
        // anyObj is now the actual content of the optional.

As a sidenote, this is my current workaround:

private protocol _XUOptional {
    var objectValue: AnyObject? { get }

extension Optional: _XUOptional {
    var objectValue: AnyObject? {
        switch self {
        case .None:
            return nil
        case .Some(_):
            return self! as? AnyObject

if let optional = anyValue as? _XUOptional {
    let object = optional.objectValue
    /// ...

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