[swift-evolution] Make UUID conform to RawRepresentable

Alsey Miller colemancda at me.com
Mon Jun 20 19:53:30 CDT 2016

I’m the developer of PureSwift/SwiftFoundation on GitHub, and I originally wrote that library after WWDC 2015 because I did not expect Apple to release an Open Source version of Foundation, and also because Foundation in Swift 2.2 was class based, and not struct based. Now in Swift 3 that is all changing (for the better), and I plan to deprecate my library, but there is one semantic that takes advantage of the Swift guidelines that the new Swift 3.0 Foundation in Xcode 8 doesn’t. UUID seems a natural candidate for conforming to RawRepresentable. Please check out the link below, and you can see how it naturally fits.



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