[swift-evolution] Enhanced existential types proposal discussion

Adrian Zubarev adrian.zubarev at devandartist.com
Thu May 26 15:02:36 CDT 2016

I alway enjoy hearing your ideas.
In a good or funny way? I don’t want to say dumb things you know. :D

This is quite interesting. It's basically a way to define an ad-hoc interface that a type doesn't need to explicitly declare it conforms to. I know Golang works similarly; if a Go type implements all the requirements of an interface it conforms automatically.
I’m familiar with Go and also realized that this whole idea might be similar. I love easy and shiny looking syntax. :)

There are positives and negatives to allowing this sort of ad-hoc interface. This would make for a good standalone proposal -- both because it's complex enough to deserve its own discussion, and because if the community is interested someone would have to work through all the implications in order to put together a proposal. It would be quite a big change.

I know that this whole thing "might“ be huge/complex and that its needs its own proposal, if at all. 
It was just an idea I wanted to share with the community since we’re talking about existential types here. Maybe one day we will need or use this. Lets see how Swift will evolve. 

Adrian Zubarev
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