[swift-evolution] Discussion: Enforce usage of @available on enum cases

Stuart Breckenridge stuart.breckenridge at icloud.com
Wed May 25 20:48:03 CDT 2016

Presently, you can mark enum cases as @available but it has no impact. Take the following example:

enum Things:String {
	@available (iOS 9.3, *) case MobileThing = "com.example.mobilething"
	@available (OSX 10.11, *) case DesktopThing = "com.example.desktopthing"

Despite the above compiling, the following code will run iOS with no warnings:

func takesA(thing:Things) {


Are there enough compelling use-cases for @available on enum cases to be considered? At the very least, if @available doesn't do anything on cases, it shouldn't be permitted.
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