[swift-evolution] Proposal SE-0009 Reconsideration

Vladimir.S svabox at gmail.com
Sun May 22 02:06:43 CDT 2016

On 22.05.2016 4:49, David Waite via swift-evolution wrote:
> This is why I was suggesting earlier in this thread to focus on warnings
> when variables and methods are being shadowed, and now to declare in
> code that a name is meant to shadow another name. I suspect that (with
> sufficient bikeshedding) this would meet the bar for the swift always-on
> warnings.

Personally I support both : the optional warning(which is OFF by default) 
for implicit `self.` and warning + 'fix' for shadowing.
In case we have no way(as I understand) for optional warning for 'self.', 
I'd like to move forward the idea of warning for shadowing and 'fix' for 
it. David, would you like to propose some Draft/proposal for this or start 
new thread to discuss?

Btw, the problem with static dispatch of some protocol extension methods 
(in parallel thread "Static Dispatch Pitfalls") has some intersections with 
this 'shadowing' problem: in case of static dispatch of protocol extension 
method, if type has the same method declared - this looks like type's 
method shadowing method in protocol extension. So, probably there could me 
some common solutions/keywords/etc for these problems.

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