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Can submodules enforce the developer to use its name ’Submodule.SomeClass’?

Ideally we would have flexible import syntax that allows for control over *how* names are imported into a lexical context (including the ability to import names within a very specific scope if desired).
Ok fine.

Do I have to re-build submodules when I made any changes to them before building the outside code base?

All submodules are part of the same target as the module that contains them.

Can they efficiently used for cross decencies between different modules/submodules?

Cross decencies?  I don’t understand.
Sorry it’s me again: "cross dependencies“

MainProject (module/package)

   |           |__SubSubmodule

Can I enforce usage of `AnotherSubmodule.Someclass` inside of `SubSubmodule`???
Empty enums is an abuse of the language! 

But it is a practical and effective one.  Introducing a new construct like namespaces must carry significant advantages over what is already possible.

Still abuse of the language no matter how you turn it. I don’t say `namespaces` should only do the same enums do (in my case it would be enough), if there is more they could solve sure why not. Thats a discussion is for isn’t it? I’m not an expert so I want to learn from people that might provide good examples and reasons why namespaces are good or not. 

Adrian Zubarev
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