[swift-evolution] [Discussion] Namespaces

Robert Schwalbe dev-null at inode.com
Fri May 20 10:43:33 CDT 2016

>Anyway, I'm +1 for namespaces everywhere, some names can be common. 
>For example Node could be related to trees, physics engines and all 
>sorts of constructs. "Node" may be a perfectly fine name for these. 
>That said, these are sometimes tied to specific types in which case 
>nesting them may make more sense, which I believe is already being 
>addressed (currently we can't nest generic types)? It's certainly 
>not as simple as it can appear!

Absolutely +1 for namespaces.

Even if you despise the concept of namespaces that seems like that 
can be addressed by a project and/or company style guide that 
explicitly forbids their use.

For the people/projects that would embrace namespaces, namespaces 
would be a godsend.

Sure, you can probably pull all kind of stunts to simulate 
namespaces, but besides creating additional  work for the Swift team 
(and I do not say nor take that lightly), they really need to be 
supported and implemented at the language/syntax level for first 
class citizenry.

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