[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0081: Move where clause to end of declaration

plx plxswift at icloud.com
Tue May 17 08:58:47 CDT 2016

Late, but +1 *overall*.

For function signatures I am somewhat indifferent, honestly; I think having the option to move part of the `where` clause after the signature declaration is beneficial, but not hugely so.

The reasoning here is simple: currently functions look like `func $name<$genericParameters>($args) -> $result`, and even though it’s difficult to *read* a lengthy `$genericParameters` the `($args) -> $result` portion (e.g. signature) isn’t "broken up". It’s good that it’s not broken up, but it means for *functions* the proposal is making only a minor readability improvement (by moving the “signature" closer to the “name”).

But, I think we have a *significant* improvement here for *type* declarations — classes, structs, etc. — because they look like e.g. this for classes: `class $name<$genericParameters> : $base (, … $protocols )`. If one is writing classes that use a lot of generic parameters with a lot of relationships between their associated types, the key parts of the type declaration wound up “split up” b/c the `$name` is very far away from the `$base`.

It’s apparently a somewhat-uncommon use but it’s *a lot nicer* under this proposal than under current syntax.

I wouldn’t object if the proposal tried to be a bit less flexible and e.g. forced all `:`-style constraints into the initial `<>` segment and all `where X.Y == Z.Q`-style constraints into the subsequent `where` clause, but I also don’t feel that that would be an unqualified improvement.

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