[swift-evolution] multi-line string literals.

ted van gaalen tedvgiosdev at gmail.com
Sat May 7 06:18:51 CDT 2016

Have read all? conversations about this subject...

Would you all be so kind to take a look at what I suggested
and wrote appr. a week ago? (data lines) 
This is with using:
        \@   for verbatim as-is character data  
        \\ for character data with processing of \ escaped chars and \(var)

The advantage of what I describe is that apart from that a data line starts with
  \@   or  \\
No delimiters involved at the start and end of a pack of data lines,
which, if I have seen this correctly, is nowhere the case with the other suggestions
In the meantime I've seen and read more about FP. Some nice and even humoristic videos about this subject. This brought me a different and more nuanced impression
about functional programming and how I can use it.. This contrasts highly with the view of some more or less fanatic individuals, (biasing my impressions)which believe they take part in a holy war, rolling with tanks all over the programing landscape. They spoil it all like people with extreme views tend to do in all aspects on our beautiful blue planet. In any case I was relieved, feeling a lot better and seeing how it can be succesfully integrated into Swift makes me feel more relaxed about most chances and enhancements that can make Swift a very unique and state of the art language. It can be harmonious with OOP as well, which is great. It could be that both forms melt together easily. So, it is sometimes not so easy to keep an open mind, as we are all subjective beings, instinctively defensive against new things...to go beyond what we are "certain" of.. 
Kind Regards, TedvG
no more time now . moving boxes..physical container objects :o}
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