[swift-evolution] multi-line string literals.

Vladimir.S svabox at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 06:32:17 CDT 2016

Probably the subject of this proposal(thread) should be changed to 
something like "multi-line string literals with escaping of special chars 
and interpolation support"
,as I believe many of us thinks about multi-line strings in source as 
feature that allows us to have text *as-is*, without escaped characters, 
without interpolation, in situations when the text contains a lot of \  \\ 
\"  "  \(  \t   etc..

Probably someone can start new thread "multi-line strings with text as-is, 
without escaping" - so it will be discussed separately from current suggestion.

On 28.04.2016 12:30, Brent Royal-Gordon via swift-evolution wrote:
>> Should we not have a master document that considers the pros and cons
>> of many different solutions? I started writing one such treatise a few
>> weeks ago, but I haven’t been able to finish it yet. Just being able
>> to see all of the potential implementations compared in one place but
>> provide some insight. I imagine that this a feature that won’t change
>> once it’s implemented, so it’s important to get it right.
> That might be a useful document to have, but I worry that we'll end up
> seeing the string feature proposals signed in triplicate, sent in, sent
> back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and
> finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as
> firelighters, all to end up in with basically the same proposals but
> with slightly different keywords. Not every decision needs that level of
> explicit, deep documentation. Some things you can think about,
> experiment with, discuss, and do.

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