[swift-evolution] String(validatingUTF8:) doesn't

Drew Crawford drew at sealedabstract.com
Thu Apr 21 05:39:03 CDT 2016

CChar is typedefed to Int8 I believe.  So the CChar=>Int8 implicit conversion is not surprising.

The conversion from an [Int8] to an UnsafePointer<Int8> is a bit of a sharper edge, although there are cases where it makes sense (e.g. calling to C).  Importing C APIs with some kind of decl to opt into array-pointer conversion may make more sense than what we do now.

But independently of the language-level design problem, this is a bad API.  Its name does not describe what it does, It causes UB even though the word "unsafe" does not appear anywhere as is our convention, and quite frankly I don't understand why it is so important to have an API to work with CStrings when we could have an API to work with arrays in the standard library instead.  

I thought there might be a performance reason, but having read the sourcecode it looks O(N), so I am at a loss as to what problem this solves that an array-based API does not, that justifies the sharp edge of memory-unsafety.


> On Apr 21, 2016, at 5:23 AM, Vladimir.S <svabox at gmail.com> wrote:
> How at all Swift allows such an implicit conversion from one type to another, at the same time when we must explicitly convert let say Int8 to Int16 ???
> I.e. this is not allowed
> var i8 : Int8 = 10
> var i16 : Int16 = i8
> But [Int8] to UnsafePointer<CChar> - no problems.
> It is very weird behavior in this case.
> Anyone can explain why String(validatingUTF8:) should silently convert [Int8] to UnsafePointer<CChar> ??
> On 21.04.2016 12:01, Drew Crawford via swift-evolution wrote:
>> I have just now for the second time root-caused yet another "nasty nasty UB
>> bug" from yet another developer who got cut on the very sharp edge of this API:
>>    var result = [40,50,60] as [Int8]
>>    return String(validatingUTF8: result)
>> This poorly-named String constructor does not take a Swift array of UTF8
>> bytes, it takes an UnsafePointer to a C string.  When that C string is not
>> null-terminated (as shown here), UB ensues.
>> I believe **at least** we need a sane name for this constructor like
>> String(validatingUTF8CString:) that vaguely suggests what the programmer
>> can do to avoid UB.
>> I further believe that this API is just plain bad, but swift-dev disagrees
>> and so in the interests of doing /something/ to stop the bleeding I propose
>> we rename.
>> Drew
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