[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0068: Expanding Swift Self to class members and value types

Vladimir.S svabox at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 01:56:24 CDT 2016

I almost totally support this proposal.

The only thing is worrying me in confusion between the currently defined 
type(where method is declared) and dynamic type of class at runtime.

Plus, note that we have currently "self" as *type* object inside 
class/static methods.

I.e. let's we have such code :

class A {
     class func classX() { print("in classX : class A")  }

     class func classY() { self.classX() } // Self.classX() is proposed. if 
we'll have A.classX() here - we'll have another behavior

     func y() { self.dynamicType.classY() }  // Self.classY() is proposed

class B: A {
    override class func classX() { print("in classX : class B") }

var a = A()
var b = B()

a.y() >> in classX : class A
b.y() >> in classX : class B

Currently, in classY() "self.classX()" is also confusing. "self" is not "A" 
here, but "dynamicType". So it is ok to have "Self.classX()" at this place. 
(the same (probably less) level of confusion i.e. "is Self is A or 

But in y() the "self.dynamicType" is much more explicit and clear than 
"Self". Yes, if we'll know that Swift *is* dynamicType - we'll use it 
correctly, I believe. And if I have to choose : to implement this proposal 
or leave "dynamicType" and "self" in static/class methods - I choose to 
have proposed "Self" in Swift 3.0.

Probably, it will be better to name this "Self" in some other way..
Don't have good variants.. like "DynamicSelf" ?

And, I believe we need some kind of "Self" to address currently defined 
class like in this case(I support, we should be able to just copy-paste the 
func from protocol to our class definition, typing the name of our class in 
implementation is making our codebase more fragile if class is renamed ):

protocol AProtocol {
     func assignFrom(a: Self)  // now. confusing if this is Self = 
"dynamicType" ?
     // func assignFrom(a: ThisType)  // suggested

class A : AProtocol {
     var x = 10

     func assignFrom(a: A) { // now . no that "Self" is placeholder for "A"
     // func assignFrom(a: ThisType) { // suggested

         self.x = a.x

Probably #ThisType, as this is compilator's business to replace this with 
actually defined class name. Or #Type.. Or even #Self. This can be discussed.


Btw, can't understand how self and Self could be confused - in Swift it is 
so natural to have the instance name as just lowercased name of class :
let page = Page(withTitle: "Page Title")
so, we have self, the instance of some type, and the type of that instance 
is Self.

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