[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0068: Expanding Swift Self to class members and value types

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I couldn't understand for a moment why people would think that “Self" versus "self” is confusing.. and then I remembered that Apple does not (by default) distinguish file names with different casing in the filesystem… I think we either educate people or we keep them ignorant in the name of their best interest. Apple seem to regularly choose the bottom end. I hope after 40 years someone will decide it is time to look forward and embrace Self

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>> 1) “Self" differs from “self” by just the first letter being capitalized. Regardless of case, it is confusing for the terms “self” or “Self” or “SELF” to mean different things from within the same context.
> What, you've never done things like this?
> let page = Page()
> let document = Document(pages: [page])
> let account = Account(oAuthToken: token)
> account.addDocument(document)
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