[swift-evolution] What about a VBA style with Statement?

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> > (in Smalltalk, like in Swift?, if i remember correctly,  ‘self’ is
> implicitly
> > returned in absence of a return value and can be ignored.
> I'm a big fan of returning self — its much more useful than void…
> But it seems the Swift-community doesn't like method chaining.
I dunno about that... AlamoFire and SwiftyJSON both use it, and are quite
popular with rank-and-file Swift programmers.  It's certainly not popular
in the Objective-C community (where the syntax doesn't really support it),
but it seems like the Swift community may be warming up to it.

I also like the idea of a dedicated method-cascading operator, like what
Dart has.  It eliminates the need for a programmer to explicitly remember
to 'return self' at the end of a chainable method.  Not sure how well it'd
integrate with SE-0047 (@discardableResult) though.
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