[swift-evolution] SE-0063: SwiftPM System Module Search Paths - JSON output of install dependencies of a package

Vadim Eisenberg VADIME at il.ibm.com
Wed Apr 13 00:24:05 CDT 2016

According to the proposal:
> We do not wish to provide a flag to automatically install dependencies 
via the system packager. ... Instead we can provide JSON output that can 
be parsed and executed by some other tooling developed outside of Apple.

This feature could be crucial for tools for automatic deployment of swift 
applications, e.g. for cloud deployment tools. It is not clear if this 
feature is part of future work or an optional extension to the proposal. 
Could this feature have its own subsection in the proposal? Can the 
proposal hint in some way that this feature is a "first-class citizen" 
part of the proposal and has to be implemented?

Vadim Eisenberg
IBM Research

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