[swift-evolution] [SR-933] Rename flatten to flattened

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+1 for Haravikk's reasoning, mapped etc. are the best choice.

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> > `flatten` is nowhere near as weak a term of art as `takeWhile`, but I
> think it still falls towards that end of the spectrum. We shouldn't worry
> too much about changing it. `map`, `reduce`, and `filter` are much stronger
> terms, and we should be more cautious about changing them.
> I still don’t see what’s being lost here, it’s not like the proposal is to
> radically rename them, all we’d end up with is .mapped(), .flattened(),
> .filtered() etc., which any good search engine should still be able to
> find, and will still come up in auto-completion if you start typing .map,
> .flatten and so-on. I just don’t see the point of even having naming
> conventions if we allow outside influences to force exceptions for IMO
> fairly weak reasons; it amounts to the “because everyone else is doing it”
> reasoning, but again, it’s not as if someone used to using .map is going to
> be suddenly lost and confused when presented with .mapped() instead.
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