[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0036: Requiring Leading Dot Prefixes for Enum Instance Member Implementations

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>>> Hello Swift community,
>>> The review of SE-0036 "Requiring Leading Dot Prefixes for Enum Instance
>>> Member Implementations" begins now and runs throughApril 5, 2016. The
>>> proposal is available here:
>>> https://github.com/apple/swift-evolution/blob/master/proposals/0036-enum-dot.md
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>> This proposal seems to me like it's failing to fix the underlying problem,
>> which is that people don't understand the leading dot rules, and papering
>> over the problem by making the rule less consisten, with different behavior
>> for enums and other type-scoped (static/class) entities. It doesn't seem
>> like a principled solution to me. 
> This proposal doesn’t change the leading dot rules at all.  What it does
> is make the rules for referencing static members *more* consistent than
> they are now, removing the special case for enum cases.
> "Enumeration cases are essentially static not instance type members.
> Unlike static members in structures and classes, enumeration cases can be
> mentioned in initializers and instance methods without referencing a
> fully qualified type. This makes little sense. In no other case can an
> instance implementation directly access a static member."
> I believe at one point in Swift’s history all static members could be
> referenced directly.  This proposal seems like it is cleaning up a case
> that was missed when that changed. 

I believe I misread the proposal and you are right.

I do have reservations about leading dot syntax that are highlighted by
this sentence in the proposal:

A leading dot has become a conventional shorthand for "enumeration case"
across the language.

That isn't in fact what it means, and if we have to play into that
misperception I think it indicates a bigger problem. But we can handle that
outside of this review. 

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