[swift-evolution] SE-0025: Scoped Access Level, next steps

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-1, "external" can be also understood as "exported" or public. I think that
the names in the updated proposal are the clearest. Also, I think that at
this point we need to stop trying to come up with more names. I don't think
that we will ever reach a point where everybody is happy with the names.
The ones that we have now seems to be a good compromise that is in line
with other Swift keywords.
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> On Mar 29, 2016, at 12:32 AM, Andrey Tarantsov via swift-evolution <
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> public (unchanged)
> external (module access)
> internal (file access)
> private (scoped access)
> This seems logical and something I could live with, but how is it better
> than moduleprivate and fileprivate? Also, internal has contradictory prior
> art in C# and Swift 2 (not that it stops us).
> And I see the length of moduleprivate and fileprivate as a feature, and
> external/internal lacks it.
> It is better than moduleprivate and fileprivate in that it is a single
> word which is easier to to read and there is less typing. Less typing even
> with autocomplete is a benefit. Once you know its meaning, that both are
> relative to file access, you won’t have to look it up. Also, just noticed
> this, when I type multiword keywords in an email program or chat program
> autocorrect butts in. This is of practical value because much work is done
> in chat and email programs.
> Simpler is better if it sufficiently conveys the meaning and it does in
> this case. The expectation with most keywords are that they be single
> words, especially ones that are used the most.
> There is a nice symmetry to internal/external and public/private.
> If external/internal refer to the file, then we don’t need the multiword
> descriptive versions.  Also, if we decide later that scoping to namespaces
> is desired these same already reserved keywords give us more flexibility
> than the more specific keywords would allow. Internal/external could refer
> to the namespace scope rather than the file scope if it is inside a
> namespace (this is beyond the scope of the proposal but trying to think
> ahead). By not explicitly stating the scope you gain flexibility
> - Paul
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