[swift-evolution] SE-0025: Scoped Access Level, next steps

David Waite david at alkaline-solutions.com
Mon Mar 28 16:23:55 CDT 2016

> On Mar 28, 2016, at 2:30 PM, Jordan Rose via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> P.S. Extensions do make things a little more complicated, but again, there's almost no precedent here, and pretty much everyone agrees that this new scope-private access level shouldn't give access to extensions. That also means there's an option to keep yourself from accidentally accessing scope-private members in a member type: put the member type in an extension.

The only example that comes to mind is Ruby, where I can add new methods to an existing class, and those new methods indeed have access to existing ‘private’ methods:

class A
  private def foo()
    puts “foo called”

A.new.foo() # error

class A
  def bar() # add new bar method

A.new.bar() # prints “foo called”

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