[swift-evolution] SE-0025: Scoped Access Level, next steps

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Fri Mar 25 11:57:12 CDT 2016

> These are special cases — both file-private and module-private is something that is fairly unusual

afaics this is the third time someone mentions that "file-private" is uncommon — so I think it's time someone dissents:
That statement is at least subjective… right now, "file-private" is one of three access levels, and I wouldn't dare to say either is more or less important than the others.

I never encountered situations with the current model where I missed a new "private"-level, and maybe "private" will become fairly unusual for the code I'll be writing.

In my existing code, the new meaning of private wouldn't break much, but the current meaning doesn't hurt me, and there are cases where "file-private" is needed.

None the less, I don't care much about the "ugliness" of "fileprivate" — but not because I perceive it as unusual:
I just expect that code completion will do the typing for me, so maybe "f" will be all I have to write (half the characters of "pr" ;-)


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