[swift-evolution] SE-0025: Scoped Access Level, next steps

Dany St-Amant dsa.mls at icloud.com
Thu Mar 24 06:02:12 CDT 2016

> Le 24 mars 2016 à 01:13, Chris Lattner via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> a écrit :
> <responding to several posts in this thread at once>
> [..snip..]
> How about we continue this trend, and follow other existing Swift keywords that merge two lowercase words (associatedtype, typealias, etc), and use:
> 	public
> 	moduleprivate
> 	fileprivate
> 	private
> The advantages, as I see them are:
> 1) We keep public and private meaning the “right” and “obvious” things.
> 2) The declmodifiers “read” correctly.
> 3) The unusual ones (moduleprivate and fileprivate) don’t use the awkward parenthesized keyword approach.
> 4) The unusual ones would be “googable”.
> 5) Support for named submodules could be “dropped in” by putting the submodule name/path in parens: private(foo.bar.baz) or moduleprivate(foo.bar).  Putting an identifier in the parens is much more natural than putting keywords in parens.
> What do you all think?

The think I fear with moduleprivate and fileprivate, is that someone will one day suggest to lowerCamelCase them. The parenthesized version was de-facto preventing my fear from ever being reality.
Obviously, I am on the "all keywords should be all lowercases" team.


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