[swift-evolution] [Draft] Change IteratorType post-nil guarantee

Patrick Pijnappel patrickpijnappel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 00:47:59 CDT 2016

Proposal pull request: #213
Implementation pull request: #1702
Original pitch thread: [Proposal] Change guarantee for GeneratorType.next()
to always return nil past end

Change IteratorType post-nil guarantee

   - Proposal: SE-NNNN
   - Author(s): Patrick Pijnappel <https://github.com/PatrickPijnappel>
   - Status: *Awaiting review*
   - Review manager: TBD


Currently, the documentation for IteratorType.next() has the precondition
that when calling next(), no preceding call to next() should have returned
nil, and in fact encourages implementations to raise a
preconditionFailure() for
violations of this requirement. However, all current 27 IteratorType
in the standard library return nil indefinitely. Many users are likely
unaware of the precondition, expecting all iterators to return nil indefinitely
and writing code that might rely on this assumption. Such code will usually
run fine, until someone does in fact pass in an iterator not repeating
nil (it's
a silent corner case).

Swift-evolution thread: [Proposal] Change guarantee for
GeneratorType.next() to always return nil past end

Pull-request: #1702 <https://github.com/apple/swift/pull/1702>

While not overwhelmingly common, it is relatively easy to write code based
on the assumption nil will be returned indefinitely:

// Example based on standard library code (Sequence.swift)while let
element = iterator.next() {
  if condition(element) {
    foo(element) // call foo on first element satisfying condition
}while let element = iterator.next() {
  bar(element) // call bar on remaining elements
// Another exampleswitch (iterator.next(), iterator.next()) {// ...

Even though this can be trivially rewritten to not rely on post-nil behavior,
the user won't perform this rewrite if they are unaware of the
precondition. In their testing the code will work fine, and likely will in
almost every case, except when passing the rare iterator that doesn't
repeat nil.

Bring the guarantee in line with the common expectation, and require
iterators to return nil indefinitely.

Requiring nil to be returned indefinitely does require the implementors of
custom IteratorType conformances to respect this, but this is likely
already the expectation for most users. Most iterators already get this as
a natural consequence of their implementation (as is the case with
all current standard library iterators), but otherwise they can simply
track a done flag to do so. It should be noted that this requirement would
also affect closures passed to AnyIterator.

The original rationale for introducing the precondition was because of
concerns it might add storage and performance burden to some
implementations of IteratorType (see here

However, in light of implementation experience, there are a few
observations we can make:

   - These cases are rare. The standard library currently has no iterators
   that require extra state or branches to return nilindefinitely. The
   iterator for the proposed takeWhile() (SE-0045
   would be the first occurance in the standard library.
   - Even in such cases, in the common case the calling code doesn't rely
   on post-nil behavior (e.g. for in, map, etc.) this extra storage and
   branching can usually optimized away.
   - Not having the post-nil guarantee can sometimes add storage and
   performance burden for the caller instead, e.g. when an iterator somehow
   buffers it's underlying iterator. This in contrast can usually not be
   optimized away. For example, the standard library's UTF8/UTF16 decoding has
   4 instead of 3 branches per character for ASCII because of this.


Original guarantee:

/// Advance to the next element and return it, or `nil` if no next///
element exists.////// - Precondition: `next()` has not been applied to
a copy of `self`///   since the copy was made, and no preceding call
to `self.next()`///   has returned `nil`.  Specific implementations of
this protocol        ///   are encouraged to respond to violations of
this requirement by        ///   calling `preconditionFailure("...")`.

Proposed guarantee:

/// Advance to the next element and return it, or `nil` if no next
element/// exists.  Once `nil` has been returned, all subsequent calls
return `nil`.////// - Precondition: `next()` has not been applied to a
copy of `self`///   since the copy was made.

on existing code

All IteratorType implementations in the standard library already comply
with the new guarantee. It is likely most existing custom iterators will as
well, however some might be rendered in violation of their guarantee by the

   - Require IteratorType to not crash but keep the return value up to
   specific implementations. This allows them to use it for other behavior
   e.g. repeating the sequence after nil is returned. This however retains
   most of the problems of the original guaranteee described in this proposal.
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