[swift-evolution] [swift-evolution-announce] [Review] SE-0047 Defaulting non-Void functions so they warn on unused results

Erica Sadun erica at ericasadun.com
Thu Mar 17 12:09:00 CDT 2016

> On Mar 17, 2016, at 10:52 AM, Brent Royal-Gordon <brent at architechies.com> wrote:
>> 	• All my code has been thoroughly pre-audited and the transition will be painful.
>> If adopted, this proposal will incur negative costs for some developers. I believe the benefits for the language and the wider community outweigh the negatives.
> I think this was in response to a statement I made, so I'd like to make two clarifications:

I assure you I was just trying to summarize situations people could be in, not calling anyone out.

-- E

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