[swift-evolution] Changing the curried static methods

Brandon Williams mbw234 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 15:46:53 CST 2016

Right now instance methods on a type get a curried, static method for free,
e.g. CGRect.insetBy is a curried function CGRect -> (CGFloat, CGFloat) ->
CGRect. This is super cool and great for code reusability.

Unfortunately, I think the order of the curry makes it difficult to use
most of the time. With the above example you would use it as such:

CGRect.insetBy(rect)(10.0, 10.0)

That doesn’t read very nicely, and it’s more likely that you know (10.0,
10.0) before you know rect, hence you would want to call it as:

CGRect.insetBy(10.0, 10.0)(rect)

In general, I would expect a method:

struct A {
  func method <B, C> (b: B) -> C

to have a static method of the form

A.method: B -> A -> C

Does this make sense? Is there a reason for the current design that I’m not
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