[swift-evolution] For-loop revisited

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Sometimes programmers directives and runtime knowledge are essential though and the compilers should be optimised but not held to a practically impossible standards. Beside not letting their best people having the best manufacturing process (as well as a nice dose of politics), there is a reason why architectures like IA-64 (which still intrigue me :)) had competitive problems against archs which trusted runtime decisions a lot more.

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>> However, in the real world, especially when working with technical 
>> and scientific data and for instance in time critical applications 
>> like 3D presentations fast iterations become a necessity.
> There is no reason why collection-based iteration can’t be as fast as a classical C for loop. The compiler should be able to optimise all the overhead away. , even unroll shorter loops. Maybe it doesn’t do it yet. I’d rather see resources invested into improving the compiler to inline/unroll code better where appropriate rather then introducing additional syntax to support a marginal use case. 
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