[swift-evolution] Communication :o( :o| :o/ :o))

Ted F.A. van Gaalen tedvgiosdev at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 06:00:51 CST 2016

Some introspection is good at times.

I have looked back on my postings especially those 
concerning the for-loop theme and find myself at times 
to be a bit fierce, even maybe pushing my 
wishes and comments a bit forward too much.
This is not my intention.

My appearance on this forum could give you the impression
that I am constantly walking around with my smile upside-down.
This is certainly not the case. I am quite happy with most of Swift.
And for most things I read on this forum I have very little to contribute
right now, simply because most things imho are striding :o) in the 
right direction!  I am quite a colorful person, even literally, just take
a look at my app site ravelnotes.com or my profile on LinkedIn.
Contacts welcome.

Discussing on a forum, is just writing. If one write things down,
it all looks very definitive and sometimes it looks even harsh, 
or aggressive. It all becomes too serious, looses fine nuances
and appears with undesired increased polarity. conflict-prone.
With this form of communication, there is no interaction, 
no non-verbal communication, facial expressions etc.

I would rather sit together with all of you, with fresh coffee around
a large round :o)  table! Or even walk around for a week or so
at Apple to experience the spirit, the drive and give some
feedback. Not that I am that important. 

I embrace you all, 
Kind Regards,




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