[swift-evolution] [Pitch] Instance var/let property as type member could be unbound function

Tikitu de Jager tikitu at logophile.org
Fri Mar 4 03:24:16 CST 2016

That is, given

     extension Int : CustomStringConvertible {
       var description: Swift.String {
         get {}

my proposal is to expose


as a function with type

     (Int) -> String

This would make var/let properties behave more similarly to func 
properties, where given

extension Int : PartOfRandomAccessIndexType {
   func successor() -> Swift.Int

we have


exposed with type

     (Int) -> () -> Int

Making var/let properties behave "the same" looks more consistent to me, 
but that's as a naive Swift user with no real compiler/language-design 
experience. For the same reason I can't see whether this would impact 
the ABI, whether it's remotely feasible, and even whether what looks 
like "the same" behaviour to me is *really* semantically equivalent. So 
if there is some interest in this idea I'd be happy to work up a formal 
proposal, but I thought I would test the waters first.



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