[swift-evolution] Exceptions with guard-clause as shorthand instead of do/try/catch

Matis Schotte matis.schotte at db.com
Thu Mar 3 10:58:16 CST 2016

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I stumbled upon the exception handling and the quite practical guard 
keyword for early-exiting a function.
Unfortunately, the try? discards an exception, if there is one.

What I am interested in is to use the shorter guard-style instead of the 
lengthy do/try/catch-approach, example follows:

Current situation is (example #1):
let smth: AnyObject?
do {
    smth = try myThrowingFunc()
} catch let error {
    print(error) // here I can access the exception, but this code is 
quite big and not very intuitive, and the result will always be an 

I would like to use it like this(example #2):
guard let smth = try? myThrowingFunc() else {
    print(error) // in swift 2.2 the exception is discarded, so no access 
possible, but this code is much cleaner

Advantages are better readability because of shorter code, and to avoid 
the optionals from ex.#1 and therefore alot of ! and ? afterwards. In ex#2 
I either have the smth constant, or the function stops and returns. In 
ex#1, I will have an optional with a value, which again needs a few 
additional steps to unwrap and use.

So I would love the ability to access exceptions (maybe with a standard 
variable name) inside a guard-clause

I have created a question on stackoverflow here: 
But have answered that already myself. I would love to get some feedback 
from you guys, maybe you have some other tips for me.

Kind regards,
Matis Schotte


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