[swift-evolution] [proposal]Decouple definition of Int8 from target char type

William Dillon william at housedillon.com
Mon Feb 29 12:43:48 CST 2016

> that the dual-meaning of Int8 is expected and intended, otherwise the author of this comment and code (Ted and Jordan respectively) don’t understand the intended behavior, and I find that hard to believe.  

No, it isn't intended. This typealias should be conditionally defined  
as either Int8 or UInt8, depending on the platform. That's what the  
comment says, but it is not implemented in code, because we didn't  
have a port of Swift to a platform where that code was incorrect.  

Ok, if that’s the case, I’ll write up the draft to the proposal.  I think we agree on 80% of the concepts at this point.

- Will
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