[swift-evolution] Type based reference cycle detection

Darko Damjanovic darkodamjanovic at me.com
Sun Feb 28 13:05:43 CST 2016

> Note I agree that a warning about retain cycle is a good idea. Otherwise
> I would not bring up how to implement it at all.  (I happened to have
> implemented the cycle detection for value types in swiftc. During that process
> I thought about this very issue, a lot.)
> The key phrase here is “simple form”. We need to translate this into code at
> some point, no?

Sorry, I did not want to sound offending. It’s just that the discussion in the developer forums ended soon because of too high expectations.

Regarding the implementation: I really have no idea. I am an application developer for 28 years but I do not have any experience in compiler development. From my point of view the compiler just should issue a warning about a reference cycle so I can mark the reference weak or unowned. This would be enough for me.

 - Darko

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