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That's a good point. To me, "scoped" is like "guard" in this sense.

On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 6:28 PM Joseph Lord <joseph at human-friendly.com>

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> swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> >
> > If the primary goal is to keep the language small, this would be a good
> argument for removing "private". But if the goal is clarity and
> correctness, then "scoped" will help with both.
> >
> > There are many constructs in the language already that are not strictly
> necessary and can be expressed via other means. For example, anything that
> you can do with "guard", you can do with "if". But they are there because
> they help clarity and correctness. "scoped" is like that.
> I've drifted to mild support for this proposal but I want to pick up the
> point of language size.
>  While not the "primary goal" a small language is still an important goal.
> The bigger the language the more there is for beginners to learn and the
> more things that you need to understand while reading code. There is also
> the chance if the language gets too big that people start using different
> subsets.  C++ is to me the canonical example of the language that is too
> big and complicated for its own good.
> This doesn't mean that nothing should be added to Swift just that
> everything needs to pull its weight, whether by making things possible that
> aren't otherwise or by sufficiently improving clarity and correctness or
> some other real improvement especially in common use cases. I appreciate
> that the bar for inclusion is kept high and that some things are even being
> removed through the evolution process.
> Joseph
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