[swift-evolution] [swift-evolution-announce] [Review] SE-0026 Abstract classes and methods

Patrick R. Gili gili.patrick.r at gili-labs.com
Fri Feb 26 17:20:46 CST 2016

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> On Feb 26, 2016, at 1:11 PM, Joe Groff <jgroff at apple.com> wrote:
> 	• What is your evaluation of the proposal?

It seems that programming languages are evolving in a way that rely less on pure object-oriented concepts that previous languages, such as C++ and Java, have relied upon. The reasons for this derive from experience. Some concepts have proven problematic and introduced more problems over the long-term than they solve. Multiple inheritance is a good example of one of these concepts. In my opinion, abstract declarations represents another.

In addition, the examples provided by the proposal do not provide a strong argument in favor. It isn't difficult to see that there are better patterns that could have been employed to solve the problem illustrated by the example.

> 	• Is the problem being addressed significant enough to warrant a change to Swift?


> 	• Does this proposal fit well with the feel and direction of Swift?


> 	• If you have used other languages or libraries with a similar feature, how do you feel that this proposal compares to those?

More modern languages like Ruby and Python do not support abstract definitions. I like Swift because it draws from design patterns based in modern languages such as these. I'd like to see Swift continue on the modern path.

> 	• How much effort did you put into your review? A glance, a quick reading, or an in-depth study?

Read the proposal thorough and the original thread on which it was based.


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