[swift-evolution] Rename 'guard' to 'ensure'

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I'm not sure that "sugar" is the right word, but I will give you that "guard" is probably too well established to be usurped by ensure™ just for the sake of grammar. 
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       Ensure(TM) ...has a little much sugar for my wants in a drink   
I get and like the suggestion from a grammar pov however guard is a little more forceful in terminology which aligns with the fact that you cannot proceed past the guard unless the condition is met. (I have a vision of a little guard standing at his guard post checking papers)   
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               The functionality of ‘guard’ is great and this proposal has nothing to do with changing that. The only suggestion is that the word ‘ensure’ would better communicate what a ‘guard’ statement does to those encountering it for the first time and would make code more readable in general.           
                ensure foo != nil else {                   return;                }                
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