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Jeff Kelley slaunchaman at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 12:59:42 CST 2016

For Xcode builds, if I install a C dependency via Homebrew, then include it
with a module map, will it be copied into the application bundle when
archiving—say, for the App Store?

Jeff Kelley

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On Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 12:55 PM, Max Howell via swift-evolution <
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> One of our goals for the Swift Package Manager is excellent and delightful
> integration with Xcode.
> To this end we are going to start work on initial integration by making
> SwiftPM able to generate Xcode project files. This is not the long-term
> design we want for the Xcode integration, but it is a concrete step we can
> take now which will allow Xcode users to adopt Swift packages and use them
> in their products. We expect this to significantly increase the adoption of
> SwiftPM and give us more feedback and experience, which will inform the
> eventual full integration design. This will also enable Swift packages to
> be built for Apple's iOS, Apple TV, and watchOS platforms, in addition to
> OS X.
> The code for this will be written in the open as part of the SwiftPM open
> source project and we will begin the feature presently.
> We would like to emphasize again that proper and tight integration with
> Xcode is our long-term goal, but in the near-term we consider this a good
> intermediary solution—making real Swift package use possible.
> Our design for this feature is as follows:
> * Generate a single xcodeproj from the command line for a Package.swift
> * The xcodeproj will contain targets for all packages and their modules
> * Require the user to add this xcodeproj to their main project and link
> the dependency by hand.
> In addition to allowing users to adopt Swift packages in their Xcode
> projects through this mechanism, this will allow package authors to use
> Xcode to work on their packages.
> We are also considering a feature that auto-regenerates the xcodeproj if
> the user changes their Package.swift or edits any of their package sources,
> though parts of that feature would be built in Xcode and not in the open
> source project. We are aware of the frustrating aspects of other systems
> that generate Xcode projects and will be looking at ways to mitigate the
> problems that come with this solution.
> We're looking forward to your feedback on this intermediary solution as it
> evolves!
> Max
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