[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0024 "Optional Value Setter `??=`"

Joe Groff jgroff at apple.com
Tue Feb 16 12:26:16 CST 2016

I'm not sure this is the best design for Swift. In other languages where I've used similar features, particularly Perl and Ruby, the "set a dictionary key to a default value" was by far the most common use. Particularly in Ruby, with its reference-semantics containers, it's useful to pass down 'foo[x] ||= []' as an expression into a function or method that would then populate the array:

def populate(array)
  array << [1,2,3]

hash = {}

populate(hash["foo"] ||= [])

Though ugly, that's a handy bit of expressivity you don't get with the proposed '??=' design. Even if '??=' returned the result, it wouldn't be able to return it as an lvalue.

I think a more expressive alternative approach to this problem would be to extend Dictionary with a `subscript(_:orDefault:)` member:

extension Dictionary {
  subscript(key: Key, orDefault value: Value) -> Value {
    get {
      return self[key] ?? value
    set {
      self[key] = newValue

For the common use case of providing a default value for a dictionary key, this has several advantages. It can be used as an lvalue, as in `populate(&hash["foo", orDefault: []])`. It also avoids storing to the dictionary if the defaulted value is only read. (I think in the fullness of time, the default value probably belongs as a type parameter, e.g. `DefaultDictionary<Key: String, Value: [String], Default: []>`, but we're a ways away from that today.) It's true that this feature is dictionary-centric, whereas `??=` applies generally to any optional, but as others have noted, I'm not sure that generality is a *feature* we want to encourage.


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