[swift-evolution] [RFC] "Library Evolution Support in Swift ('Resilience')"

Drew Crawford drew at sealedabstract.com
Thu Feb 11 15:54:29 CST 2016

> On Feb 11, 2016, at 11:53 AM, David Owens II <david at owensd.io> wrote:
> I personally think it's a very fair trade-off to disallow @inlineable code to be inlined from a dynamic dll by default. Now, that doesn't mean that the developer couldn't add a link flag `--super-nonresilient-i-know-what-im-doing` when pulling in certain DLLs. That's an explicit statement that the developer is choosing to break resilience. The important part is that it's the developer consuming the DLL making the choice vs. the developer of the DLL making that choice for everyone.


IMO disabling inlining of DLLs should clearly be the default, and there should be some "I know what I'm doing" flag for folks who are willing to take on the burden of vendoring their library as if it were static.
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