[swift-evolution] [Pitch] Add overrides with UnsafePointer sources to non-destructive copying methods on UnsafeMutablePointer

Janosch Hildebrand jnosh at jnosh.com
Tue Feb 9 10:53:32 CST 2016

Great question.

I think it might be useful for a case where you don't know if you have overlapping ranges and use `assignBackwardFrom()` defensively?

- Janosch

> On 09 Feb 2016, at 17:40, Guillaume Lessard <glessard at tffenterprises.com> wrote:
> Nice.
> Question: does assignBackwardFrom() need an UnsafePointer overload? Its use case is for moving a block into an overlapping range, which implies both would have to be UnsafeMutablePointer, unless typecasting has already happened; in that case another typecasting operation is not a problem…
> Cheers,
> Guillaume Lessard

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