[swift-evolution] Opt-out for first unnamed parameter instead of opt-in

Jessy Catterwaul mr.jessy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 16:32:09 CST 2016

How often do you find yourself wanting an internal parameter name, but not an external (case 4)? I think it’s very rare.

I doubt that the compiler’s AI will be able to deal with case 2.b, automatically, any time soon. That is okay with me, as long as we can manually type direct objects that would not be clear with only a preposition. 

I think these represent the options for parameter names in order of prevalence. Case 3 has obviously never been available in Swift, but can be emulated with generic-sounding internal parameter names. If those types of names were not necessary, I believe all of these “opting” problems would go away. Is that incorrect? 

1. Internal is the same as external
func function(int: Int) {}

2. External and internal names are different 
a. func doThing(with int: Int) {}
b. func doThing(withGiraffe giraffe: Any) {}

3. No parameter name is needed internally or externally
func function(Int)

4. Underscore for external, name for internal
func function(_ int: Int) {}
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