[swift-evolution] Colon vs. equals

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Sat Feb 6 12:41:13 CST 2016

Afaics, the equal sign is way more common to assign values to parameters — but as Objective-C and Swift have labels, colon fits better (some labels don't make good variable names)

> I suppose mainly what I'd like is for attributes to change:
> 	@available(iOS, introduced: 7.0, deprecated: 8.0)

A name, parenthesis, names for parameters except the first… looks very much like a function call, so I agree, colon fits better.

> And *possibly* for dictionary literals to change:
> 	let dict = ["key" = "value"]	// Also, the shorthand syntax would be [String = String]

I think the equal sign should only be used for assignment (as it was decided to keep a C-tradition and not use it for comparison).
"Key" and "label" are very similar to me, so I prefer label syntax.


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