[swift-evolution] Colon vs. equals

Brent Royal-Gordon brent at architechies.com
Fri Feb 5 19:07:36 CST 2016

> If ":" should be replaced by "=" than only at the call site to make it more consistent with variable declaration and initialization:
>         myFunc(number = 4, string = 7)
>         func myFunc(number: Int, string: String) {}
> Although writing "=" instead of ":" in methods in 1.5 years Swift and over 20 years Objective-C would be a huge change.

To be clear, I like colon in parameter lists; I don't see passing a parameter as setting something.

I suppose mainly what I'd like is for attributes to change:

	@available(iOS, introduced: 7.0, deprecated: 8.0)

And *possibly* for dictionary literals to change:

	let dict = ["key" = "value"]	// Also, the shorthand syntax would be [String = String]

Although dictionary literals seem like a relatively high-impact change compared to its value.

Brent Royal-Gordon

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