[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0029 Remove implicit tuple splat behavior from function applications

Jessy Catterwaul mr.jessy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 13:15:04 CST 2016

I am fine with this proposal, except for having to name the parameter. The argument should be known as $0, within the function. Explanation and example…

My single use case of where this feature might have worked, actually does not. See the double parentheses:

protocol Protocol {
   typealias Arguments
   func ƒ1(parameters: Arguments) -> Arguments
   func ƒ2(parameters: Arguments)

struct Struct1: Protocol {
   typealias Arguments = (goodName: String, otherGoodName: String)
   func ƒ1(parameters: Arguments) -> Arguments {
      return (goodName: "", otherGoodName: "")
   func ƒ2(parameters: Arguments) {}

let struct1 = Struct1()

// Too many parentheses are needed, but whatever.
// Not a big deal.
let struct1Arguments = struct1.ƒ1((goodName: "", otherGoodName: ""))


Typealiases fall apart when I need a single parameter:

struct Struct2: Protocol {
   // Should be (goodName: String) but named 1-tuples don't work.
   typealias Arguments = String
   func ƒ1(parameters: Arguments) -> Arguments {return ""}
   func ƒ2(parameters: Arguments) {}

let struct2 = Struct2()

// No extra parentheses are needed but I don't know what the argument is.
// This is a big deal.
let struct2Arguments = struct2.ƒ1("")


We need to be able to name the element of a single-item tuple, and we need to stop enforcing internal parameter names:

protocol Protocol {
   typealias Arguments
   func ƒ1(Arguments) -> Arguments
   func ƒ2(Arguments)

struct Struct: Protocol {
   typealias Arguments = (goodName: String)
   func ƒ1(Arguments) -> Arguments {
      return (goodName: $0.goodName)
   func ƒ2(Arguments) {}

let `struct` = Struct()
let structArguments = `struct`.ƒ1((goodName: ""))
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