[swift-evolution] Proposal: Remove implicit tuple splat behavior from function applications

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Sat Jan 30 05:00:11 CST 2016

> 1. Proposals should be incremental.  Removing this (very rarely used) feature is a prerequisite to adding its replacement, particularly given that the replacement will have different semantics.
"Look, boy: First you have to endure a fresh haircut, afterwards we can debate about the merits of visiting the ice cream shop" ;-)

I guess all critics could be silenced easily with a realistic possibility that the feature will be re-added in a later version, so its just a natural reaction to highlight the value of tuple splat now and convince many people that it is a nice concept.
If this fails, I predict that reactions on a proposal to add tuple splat will include statements like "didn't Swift have this in an old version, but removed it because it was bad?".

A process with small steps is easier to handle and more honest (no one can be sure what will happen until Swift 4, so it's good to be careful with promises), but it is easier to thrill people with a big picture of the future (it is even more easy to disappoint them with a failed vision — and we already have enough thrill now ;-).

> 2. The proposed addition of the new feature will have to be self-justified based on the merits of that proposal.  Those merits will depend on the exact design.
Considering a common reaction on the proposal ("I never used this, get rid of it"), it is hard to foresee how many people would like to add an exotic feature that they haven't seen in action.
But I really hope that decisions in general are not only based on the needs of the majority:
Many C++ developers never write templates, and some even hate them — but imho their removal would cripple the language.


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