[swift-evolution] Proposal: Remove implicit tuple splat behavior from function applications

Jens Persson jens at bitcycle.com
Thu Jan 28 04:48:49 CST 2016

> +-0. I saw, in my dreams, many "different parts" of the language, like
pattern matching, function argument- & parameter lists, and tuples, all
just being one and the same simple yet powerful unifying concept ...

> > :´ /
> I had that dream too, very early on in Swift development, but it isn’t
> practical for a very large number of reasons…
> -Chris
I guess you are right. But I'll take the opportunity to whine a bit anyway,
perhaps it might be worth something, coming from my idealistic
user/layman's perspective:

I feel as though the unifying-tuple-concept-dream could still come true, if
only:-) the whole thing was redesigned from scratch, with a stronger focus
on simplicity and consistency (the rules for argument/parameter lists,
parameter naming, tuple types, tuple element labels, pattern matching etc).

IMHO not being able to eg think of, and use, argument/parameter lists as
tuples/tuple types dumbs down and complicates the language, trading
expressibility for boilerplate and special-casing.

Yes, it seems like this aspect of the language are not wildly appreciated
and used. But that might be a chicken and egg problem, the current
inconsistencies might have been introduced/sustained/amplified by not
letting the unifying-tuple-concept place enough selection pressure in the
evolution of the language. And another reason might of course be slow
changing programming habits / adopting new concepts.

As I said, I know this is very naive and idealistic, but perhaps it can
play a small part in some pragmatic decision making.
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