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Haravikk e-mail at haravikk.me
Mon Jan 25 16:19:11 CST 2016

Just to add my thoughts to this increasingly convoluted thread, but while I agree that the way that private works right now is fine for most purposes, I would also like to see a Java style protected option as well for many of the reasons mentioned, but most importantly that it allows me to define an abstract or sub-classable type in one file, and have it sub-classed elsewhere without having to expose internal, sub-class only, methods to everything else.

That said, in Swift the ability to put actual code in extensions largely eliminates the need for abstract classes, which cuts down on quite a lot of necessary sub-classing, at least in my experience. But still, private isn’t ideal for keep sub-class only methods hidden; keeping stuff like that hidden is nice purely from a clutter/auto-complete perspective, let alone the requirement it puts on teams to have a naming convention for sub-class oriented methods.
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