[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0005 Better Translation of Objective-C APIs Into Swift

Douglas Gregor dgregor at apple.com
Sat Jan 23 21:57:55 CST 2016

> On Jan 23, 2016, at 12:59 AM, Jacob Bandes-Storch <jtbandes at gmail.com> wrote:
> Proposal link:
> https://github.com/apple/swift-evolution/blob/master/proposals/0005-objective-c-name-translation.md <https://github.com/apple/swift-evolution/blob/master/proposals/0005-objective-c-name-translation.md>
> > What is your evaluation of the proposal?
> I would really appreciate seeing what all of the Foundation/Cocoa/Cocoa Touch APIs would look like when imported using this scheme. If we're going to bikeshed API translation, we should bikeshed all of it to avoid inconsistency. (It may be that some issues aren't resolvable with the simple rules proposed, and instead we should improve the API overlays.)

I’ll come back to the rest laster, but we’ve provided this at


	- Doug

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