[swift-evolution] Pitch: Progress Tracking in Swift

Rob Mayoff mayoff at dqd.com
Mon Jan 18 20:12:59 CST 2016

> 1. Because NSProgress relies on a thread-local global variable to store
> the current progress object, it is impossible to know, outside of
> documentation, whether any particular method supports NSProgress or not,
> and if the documentation is inadequate, one must resort to trial-and-error
> to determine whether NSProgress is supported (this has been noted before:
> http://oleb.net/blog/2014/03/nsprogress/).

iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 support explicit progress composition through the
addChild:withPendingUnitCount: message, and vending of an NSProgress
instance (for use with the addChild:withPendingUnitCount: message) through
the NSProgressReporting protocol. You no longer have to rely on implicit
composition, and in WWDC 2015 session 232 you're encouraged to use explicit

I have a hard time believing this is something that needs dedicated
language syntax.
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